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Top 3 Hiking Tours in Uzbekistan | CentralAsia Hiking

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Uzbekistan hiking tour packages and hiking tours. Best hiking tour packages of Uzbekistan for travelers who want to combine cultural visits in Uzbekistan with some hiking and trekking in interesting places. Choose your best hiking tour of Uzbekistan from this list of hiking in the mountains, deserts & steppes of Uzbekistan & Central Asia.

Private Hiking trips of Uzbekistan

With its cities like Samarkand & Khiva, over the last 20 years, Uzbekistan has grown as the leading destination of Central Asia for Cultural Tours. Due to that fact, most tours in Uzbekistan propose visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and ancient cities though the country can still be quite an interesting destination for hiking in the mountains and trekking in the deserts or steppes. These tours are recommended for everyone who wants to enjoy amazing immersion with locals, enjoy yurt camping, and homestay in remote villages. Most of the hiking and trekking tours in Uzbekistan are organized around Chimgan, Charvak, or Nurata Mountains but you can still have very original hike & walk tours around the Zerafshan Mountains of Samarkand.

Below, you can see some Hiking & Eco-Friendly Tours of Uzbekistan which can add high value and more color to your tours in Uzbekistan.

Hiking in Uzbekistan Tour Package (read more)

Charvak, Beldersay, Chimgan… these places have been the main destinations in Uzbekistan for enthusiasts of Nature Tourism. If you have only a few days in Uzbekistan and you want to dedicate it to hike in the mountains nearest to Tashkent we recommend you take this tour. Our next Hiking Tours are more appropriate for travelers who want to combine the Hike with Cultural visits around Uzbekistan. The highlights of this hiking trip: elegant mountain views, professional mountain guides, green hill-slopes & amazing landscapes.

Duration: 6 days

Best time to visit: May to October

Type of the trip: Nature, Hike, Adventure

Price:  from 670 USD

Hiking Tour to Untouched Villages of Uzbekistan (read more)

Imagine driving on a road with the mythic Nurata Mountains on one side, the biggest lake of the country Aydarkul on the other, and the endless sand dunes of the Kizil Kum desert right behind you. Now think about hiking in any of these mountainous villages and having a deeper look at the purest traditions of the people living in these villages whose life seems to have stopped at the beginning of the 20th century. Walk through narrow mountain roads in the Sentab and Ukhum villages, enjoy very special local meals, observe the local life with the divine music of the river water coming down the village from the mountains, the agreeable noise of the sheep, horses, etc. in the village. If you want to go beyond the main tourist routes and experience a True Off-Beaten-Tracks tour in Uzbekistan, this trip is yours. The tour highlights: Silk Road hike atmosphere; a mix of lakes, mountains, and the desert; mythical village views with ancient abandoned settlements, stunning landscape.

Duration: 4 days

Best time to visit: April to late October

Type of the trip: Nature, Hike, Adventure

Price:  from 320 USD

Hiking & Trekking in Uzbekistan Package (read more)

Go to 4 Top Destinations in Uzbekistan and combine this trip with a unique side tour to see the beautiful landscapes, traditionalist lifestyle, and celestial horses of Ayaktchi and Tersak villages. Moreover, you will live overnight in the nomadic yurts in the middle of the Red Desert. A short tour to the Red Desert – Kizil Kum can beautify any trip in Uzbekistan; walking on the soft and silky sand, experiencing the lifestyle of the nomadic people and the great caravans, observing the unique flora and fauna of the desert, and going to the biggest lake of Uzbekistan which is located in a vast desert can just be more than great adventure. If you want to see how the caravans of the Silk Road have traveled during their greatest tours, if you want to go hiking and walking in the mountain of Samarkand and if you want to go to explore the local architecture, cuisine & traditions of Uzbekistan… this trip is designed just for you. The highlights of this trip: all in one adventure package to see the cities, deserts & mountains; easy & interesting trek in the Red Desert; colorful hikes in the Zerafshan Mountains with lots of immersion with the locals; fully flexible tour with a wide range of side activities.

Duration: 12 days

Best time to visit: April to early November

Type of the trip: Nature, Hike, Adventure

Price: from 684 USD

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If we have missed something you can share your Hiking & Eco Travel ideas or plans for Uzbekistan and we will be more than pleased to assist you in organizing your own personal tour in Uzbekistan. Regardless, how you want to travel and when you want to travel in Uzbekistan, making it come true will be our priority!


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