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Simplified Visa and Electronic Visas for Uzbekistan, Visa Free Countries

  Date: 04.02.2018

  Category: Useful info

Visa to Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan E-visa news, procedures to get the visa to Uzbekistan, tips to use the official portal to get the e-visa, updates of visa-free and simplified visa countries.

1. In February 10, 2018 the government of Uzbekistan has announced the simplified visa procedure for the citizens of 39 countries and the citizens of 7 countries enjoy visa free regime for 30 day stay in Uzbekistan (*you can see the list below). This has helped to travelers to enter Uzbekistan without a visa and/or without a Letter of Invitation (LOI).

2. October 2018 Uzbekistan offered visa-free entry to the citizens of France. That made France the first European country to enter Uzbekistan without a visa. France now joins the list of visa-free entry states like Turkey, Israel, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan and most of the former Soviet countries.

Besides, from July 2018 Uzbekistan has launched the E-Visa system which has eased the process more. While entering Uzbekistan or during the stay the travelers must have a copy of the electronic visa (printed form is recommended though the electronic version is also accepted). When the visa is issued it will be sent to the e-mail address of the applicant.

Uzbekistan E-Visa website and tips to fill the forms

The official website of the Uzbekistan e-visa: www.e-visa.gov.uz

Time to get the visa: up to 3 working days

Amount of payment: $ 20

Payment system: Visa card

The website is available in 3 different languages: English, Russian and Uzbek.

The order of filling the Uzbekistan electronic visa forms:

“Country” section: select the country of nationality; type of the travel document (passport!); purpose of visit (tourism!);

“Dates” section: the period of stay in Uzbekistan;

“Personal data” section: personal, biographical information of the applicant;

“Photo and passport” section: upload facial photo and the main page of the passport;

“Activation” section:  put in the e-mail address;

“Payment” section: pay the consular fee with Visa card.

The application for visa will be registered when the applicant enters the digital code sent to his/her e-mail. In case of technical problems of the portal you can contact: info@evisa.gov.uz  or call (+998 71) 200-00-88.

If the nationality of the applicant is not in the list of “Simplified Visa Countries” they are recommended to contact the Diplomatic Missions of Uzbekistan covering their country.

The Full list of nationals which gained visa-free and simplified visa procedures after February 2018:

From February 10, 2018 the citizens of Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, the Republic of South Korea, Turkey and Japan can enter Uzbekistan without a visa for the period of 30 days.

This new decree of the President Mirziyoyev eases planning travels to Uzbekistan and travelers from a good number of countries can enter Uzbekistan without a visa or can get the Uzbek visa without needing any Letter of Invitation (LOI) from local travel operators. Besides, the members of crews of the foreign airline countries which operate regular flights to Uzbekistan can enter Uzbekistan without a visa. Finally, from July 1 2018, Uzbekistan plans to launch a system of issuing electronic entry visas for the citizens of some countries. Doubtlessly, all of these new projects are being realized to support the tourism industry in Uzbekistan and for creating easy and simple tourism for travelers.

The list of countries with simplified (full) visa procedures:

From February 10 2018, the citizens of these States do not need to have a Letter of Invitation for getting their visas to Uzbekistan .These nationals can use the http://e-visa.gov.uz/ to obtain the entry visa to Uzbekistan.

2. Andorra
3. Australia
4. Austria
5. Belgium
6. Bosnia and Herzegovina
7. Bulgaria
8. Canada
9. China
10. Croatia
11. Czech Republic
12. Denmark
13. Estonia
14. Finland
16. Germany
17. Greece
18. Hungary
19. Iceland
20. India
21. Ireland
22. Italy
23. Kuwait
24. Latvia
25. Liechtenstein
26. Lithuania
27. Luxembourg
28. Macedonia
29. Malta
30. Monaco
31. Montenegro
32. Netherlands
33. New Zealand
34. Norway
35. Oman
36. Poland
37. Portugal
38. Romania
39. San Marino
40. Saudi Arabia
41. Serbia
42. Slovakia
43. Slovenia
44. Spain
45. Sweden
46. Switzerland
47. Thailand
48. United Arab Emirates
49. United Kingdom
50. United States of America
51. Vatican

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