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Uzbekistan tour operators | Find Local Travel Agency in Uzbekistan

  Date: 07.02.2018

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Find a local Uzbekistan tour operator. Which Uzbekistan travel agency you should use for your private tour? Compare Uzbekistan tour companies for choosing the best tours operators in Uzbekistan and know what to ask your tour operator.

If you love traveling in group tours, finding the most appropriate tour operator may really be hard because the group tours are customized for large number of travelers without offering personal approach to each person. But the task gets easier if you are seeking to go on a private tour. Because, the private tours will be designed individually just for you, your family or your friends. In personalized trips you do not need to worry about the group size, age and interests of travelers, timing or the flexibility of the visits. Unfortunately, for making a private trip in Uzbekistan you can’t always get recommendations from people around you because Uzbekistan is not listed in Bucket lists of lot of travelers.

How should you find a reliable tour operator in Uzbekistan?

Should you find it following Google rankings of tour operators or should you find it following the social media reviews?

The local Uzbekistan tour operators are not yet fully focusing on creating “web image” and only few tour operators are promoting their social media profiles. You can surf on Google and it gives you the names of the tour operators whose websites are most “optimised for search engines”, travel magazines recommend the “the best tour operators” who’ve paid for advertisement, blog posts are very often sponsored by the tour operators and the TripAdvisor reviews do not always give the true image because we are all different. Moreover, some people can just write a terribly negative review because it rained during the day and most people do not write reviews when they are satisfied.

Still the big players of tourism in Uzbekistan prefer working in a traditional way and they get all of their customers through intermediary agencies. You have probably heard nothing about Nuron Sado or Sayyram or other tour operators in Uzbekistan. Though they organize tours for several thousands of travelers yearly no one knows about them just because they are not focusing on internet. Naturally, if they prefer to use a different source of marketing they do not become “bad travel experts”. These kind of tour operators, including us have their own system of getting “direct reviews” from each customer that they use for improving their services. Simply, the online presence of a travel agency does not yet mean the quality of the service but this is a way/style of marketing that some tour operators choose. It is fair to say that, though, lots of our tours and articles also appear in the first lines of Google search, it is due to well-planned marketing strategy that all of us use to be noticed by Google.

Choose the right local travel agency for your private Uzbekistan trip

If the local Uzbek tour operators are not focusing on internet where and how you choose your travel expert? Before even starting to surf on Google you should first figure out if you want to use the services of a local travel expert or international travel agent. If you decide to travel with a local travel agency, the second step is defining the type of the travel agent that you want to contact among group tour operators, private generalist tour operators and private specialized tour operators.

When you finalize your decisions you can start your first web search to see what they offer. Note: seeing the “About us” page is useful for knowing about the offered services but the year when the agency was founded is not the most important point. Because, the person who has opened this agency may have already worked over 30 years at another reliable travel agency before launching his own business.

Many tour operators have samples of tours on their website but if the agency offers private tours then all of these tours are just “ideas” for what you can do and any of them can easily be modified following your interests.

The hidden costs – some agencies write only about the tour inclusions but you will not have an idea about the exclusions. So, know about the tour exclusions as well. Be sure that the price matches to the value and all your interested destinations and attractions are listed in the tour program.

Nearly all tour operators in Uzbekistan offer to go nearly to the same destinations but still there are some specialized small agencies who are going beyond the main destinations and main activities. A little immersion, stopping at a tiny local bazaar in a remote village, drinking coffee or tea in the Harem of the emirs of Bukhara etc this list can be as long as you want. If you already have a Bucket List, that’s fine if not simply tell about your travel interests and get fast & handy info to make your list of interested places.

*If we’ve sent you a travel program, read it carefully and please let us know what you think. We are locals and we can always propose you something better following you comments!

Compare the tours of different tours operators

Compare Uzbekistan tour packages of different tour operators and choose the one which is closer to your heart and budget. The type of the trip, the group size, the rhythm and rates of the tours may be the key factors for choosing the most appropriate trip for you. Note: low prices should not always mean inferior service.

A few questions from our customers. What to ask from your tour operator?

How long have you been in the industry?

We organize tours for over 10 years but we have been in the industry since 1999.

What are your deposit and cancellation policies?

We ask 15 % deposit for booking any tour and this amount will be refunded if the trip is cancelled at least 15 days prior to the beginning date of the tour.

What is your average group size?

All our tours are individual and they are available for any group size.

Is the founder of the company involved in the daily operations?

The owner of the company has worked as a tour guide for several years and still he loves to craft new travel itineraries. We try to stay as a small agency to offer personalized tours and the owner of the agency also participates in all organizational activities like any other member of the company.

What is your agency’s satisfaction policy and how can you guarantee a successful trip?

Come, travel and pay in the end, if you like it! If you don’t like anything we will refund you whatever the amount that require. We won’t let you leave unsatisfied!

Can you give some information about the accommodation offered?

We offer a flexible range of accommodation you can choose from home stay or guesthouses to traditional and boutique hotels. You decide, we provide.

Who will our guides be and how long have been doing these tours?

All our guides will be local, licensed tour guides. The choice of our guides depends on the style of your trip. We have a team of different specialized tour guides who will help you explore the cities, history, cuisine, mountains, deserts etc. Finally, we like the way of Peregrine Adventures and some others which treat their guides as true ambassadors of their destinations.

What makes you better than the others?

Probably nothing, because we all work in different niches and our specialty is “Special Interest Tours”. If you have some specific interests or activities based on culinary, sports, culture, nature, adventure, spirituality etc. the niche-ideas are about us. Secondly, all our team members (tour operators) are former Tour Guides which help us perfectly understand the needs of our customers. And we like responsible tours. If you want to eat in a European or Soviet style restaurant we’d suggest you to eat in a very original oriental restaurant because we want the locals get benefit of tourism. We won’t take you to a small village and make the local people pose for your photos but we will take you to original village where you will enjoy a true immersion with the locals.

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