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  Date: 14.03.2018


All latest travel and tourism information from Uzbekistan. News analysis, tours and deals, expert advice, local tour operators news, guides up-to-date information about everything happening in the tourism of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan visa refusal to a French citizen

With the launch of the e-visa system in July 2018, over 5000 people have applied to the Uzbek visa from citizens of 42 countries. Most applications have been received from citizens of China - 1,190, the US – 671 and the UK – 611. A citizen of France has been denied to get the tourist visa. Read more…

Uzbek gov't OKs import of drones to develop country's tourism potential

The colorful architecture of Samarkand & Bukhara are so photogenic but it always seems that you can get some great photos if you can use the drones. While bringing drones is complicated in several regions of the world the travelers are always curious about the possibilities of carrying a drone in Uzbekistan. Read more…

Samarkand Among Most Instagrammed Cities of the World

Central Asia holds a whole host of ancient treasures thanks to the impact of the old Silk Road, and among lots of other cities Samarkand is one of its most startling stops. The whole town has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you can take some seriously beautiful shots of the Registan public square, the Gur-e-Amir mausoleum, Shahizinda necropolis and the Bibi-Khanym Mosque. Scyscanner has represented a fresh bunch of quite original places in the world which can be a paradise for travel bloggers and just for travelers who love discovering unusual spots around the planet. Read more...

Visa news: Multivisa for Uzbekistan & Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have prepared an egrrement for introducing multivisas for travelers visiting both countries. According to this new project, the visas issued to visit Uzbekistan, will be valid in Kazakhstan, and those, issued to visit Kazakhstan, will be able to visit the neighboring Uzbekistan. These kind of bilateral cooperation are very useful for promoting the tourism in bot countries. This will also help the local tour operators to be able to offer more varied tours combining the Cultural visits in Uzbekistan with some adventures and hikes in Kazakhstan. Read more...

Cultural news: Enjoy a traditional Uzbek Plov

A series of Euronews postcards in Uzbekistan finished with  tasting the top traditional dish of Uzbekistan – Plov, Palov. Popular in all Central Asian countries plov is known as the king food in the region. Traditionally, plov is cooked during main festivities, marriages and special events in Uzbekistan and in the neighboring countries.Read more...

Take Photos anytime, anywhere, restrictions cancelled

The Uzbek government continues easing the stay of travelers in the country and now the travelers are allowed to take photos in lots of place which were prohibited for the photographers. One of these places was the metro of Tashkent. With its beautiful decorations the metro of Tashkent attracted thousands of travelers yearly but it was prohibited to take photos in the stations of the metro.  Read more...

Visa Free and Simplified visa system in Uzbekistan

From February 10, 2018 Uzbekistan has simplified the visa system for the citizens of 40+ countries. The citizens of these countries are now able to get the Uzbek visa without official letters of invitation. Besides, the citizens of 6 countries: Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Turkey enjoy a totally visa free regime.Read more...



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