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  Date: 11.01.2018

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Private Uzbekistan trips from Americas. Uzbekistan travel safety for Americans, Uzbekistan flights from Americas, Uzbekistan visa for Americans, what to see in Uzbekistan & Uzbekistan tour packages for Americans. Book your tours & guides with CentAsia.

Uzbekistan Private Trips for Americans

Traveling to Uzbekistan from Americas is becoming more and more popular first of all among American travel enthusiasts who want to discover original Cultural Destinations. From early 2000s Uzbekistan could earn the names like: “Crossroads of the Silk Road”, “Road to Samarkand” etc. which could inspire a few millions of travelers. Furthermore, the words like: Samarkand, Bukhara, Silk Road, Amu Darya, steppes of Central Asia have been related to magical, legendary places.

What to See in Uzbekistan?

For Americans Traveling in Uzbekistan there’s lot to see and discover in this country. First of all its ancient history, everlasting traditions, hospitable local people and their typical colorful clothes, rich and varied cuisine, beautiful art and crafts. The trips in Uzbekistan start in Tashkent which is the capital of the country with traditional and modern Soviet architecture. From Tashkent travelers reach one of the oldest cities (Samarkand or Khiva) and start the main adventure. Normally it includes three main cities (Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva) and then following time flexibility other destinations like Fergana Valley, the Aral Sea and its region, desert yurt camps, mountain villages etc can be added as completion to the Classical Uzbekistan Trips. There is a possibility to combine the Uzbekistan trips with tours to the neighboring countries (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, China etc). The best time to visit Uzbekistan is spring and autumn and the most popular duration to visit is 8-12 days.

How to Get the Uzbek Visa?

The citizens of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina etc. need to have valid visa to visit Uzbekistan. The visa can be obtained the Diplomatic missions of Uzbekistan in the country of the traveler with a Letter of Invitation (LOI) given by a local Uzbek travel agency. The visa process takes 7-12 days. The required documents can be sent by mail if the Uzbekistan embassy is far from the traveler’s location. The visa with passport will be sent back to the traveler by mail. Note: the government has offered E-visa and simplified the visa procedures for the citizens of several countries from February 10 2018, and the citizens of the United States and Canada do not need a Letter of Invitation to visit Uzbekistan.

Uzbek Visa for Americans at Airport

The citizens of American countries where there is no Uzbek embassy or consulate can get their visas at the International Airport of Tashkent. Note: this facility is only for travelers arriving in Uzbekistan by plane and if you are entering Uzbekistan by land border you can’t get your visa on the border. And if before arriving in Uzbekistan you are traveling in another country where there are Uzbek Diplomatic missions you have to go there for having your visa.

Uzbekistan Visa Requirements for Americans are:

One duly completed and signed Visa Application Form.

Valid original passport

Copy of passport (copy of pages with personal data, visas, stamps and other records).

One passport size color photo

Visa Fee

How Much the Trips to Uzbekistan Cost?

Uzbekistan can be a very inexpensive place if the trip is planned carefully. The trips of CentAsia Voyages in Uzbekistan costs from less than 55$ a day to 140$ and more following the category of the hotels and transport. This pricing includes: transport services, services of professional tour guides, accommodation in shared double/twin room and some meals. You can see our Trip Ideas or contact your local travel expert for an individual quote.

Note: CentAsia Voyages would be happy to provide you with fully personalised travel services in Uzbekistan. If you do not find the trip of your dreams on our website we can create a Special One for you following your interests.

The Flights

Currently, 15 airline companies offer tours from/to Uzbekistan a good choice of flights. There are direct flights with more than 50 cities of the world. While Uzbekistan Airways is reputed as very reliable airline company with reasonable price travelers flying in Uzbekistan use a lot the services of Turkish or Russian Air companies. The flights from Europe longs about 4-6 hours and from Istanbul about 4 hours.

The average price of the round trip plane tickets to Uzbekistan from Americas is about 780$.

Private Uzbekistan Tour Packages





9 Day Trip to Silk & Spices Festival

$ 540


Silk Road Shopping Tour Package in Uzbekistan

$ 815


12 Days Highlights of Uzbekistan

$ 1050


11 Day Uzbekistan Desert Trip

$ 940


12 Day Zoroastrian Heritage & Ancient Cities Tour

$ 910


9 Day Small Group Tour to Highlights of Uzbekistan

$ 890

Cross country

15 Days to discover the Stans – Uzbekistan - Turkmenistan

On request


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Is Uzbekistan Safe for American Solo Traveler?

Uzbekistan is among the countries where the criminality rate is the lowest. Whenever you arrive in any of main tourist destinations of the country you will feel it immediately. There is a quite friendly atmosphere with helpful people and any aggression or crime against travelers is non-existent. Thousands of people are traveling in Uzbekistan solo or independently every year and the only problem they can confront with is the language barrier.

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