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How much does a Road Trip Cost in Uzbekistan | CentAsia - Uzbekistan Road Trips

  Date: 25.12.2017

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Road trip in Uzbekistan, the real costs of a road trip, road trip safety and strategies, best things to do for planning your road trip in Uzbekistan. Best places to eat and best places to stay during a Silk Road road trip in Uzbekistan by CentAsia experts.

How to get an All Inclusive Road Trip in Uzbekistan under 65 EUR

This 1Week-road-trip-price features the costs of the accommodation, transport, meals and visits in Uzbekistan. The highest point of taking a road trip in Uzbekistan is being open for amazing adventures and being thirsty to discover the True Uzbekistan, a new destination. Living in 5 star hotels of Tashkent, eating in high-class international type restaurants of Samarkand will not let you feel that you are in Uzbekistan.

The unforgettable Uzbekistan trip is about driving through the Steppe of Hunger, getting into the Kizilkum desert, staying in comfortable guesthouses, boutique hotels and ancient madrasahs that are transformed in hotels. It’s about trying the real Uzbek kebab in the top teahouses of the cities, tasting the best Plov of the planet in the biggest Plov centers, going to the bazaars and more. Here we’re going to give you an idea about the costs of your Best Uzbekistan Road Trip Package.

Some of our drivers have driven over one million kilometers in and around Uzbekistan. We call them the best and luckiest travelers because they have seen every natural beauty, all architectural wonders and the most unique traditions of our region.

Cost of 1 Week Road Trip in Uzbekistan

Every year over 200000 travelers plan different forms of Road Trips in Uzbekistan. They all know that the Silk Road was not so small and they understand that the distance from Samarkand to Tashkent is nearly as long as the distance from London to Paris and the road from Fergana to Khiva is almost the same distance as from Madrid to Rome. Besides, they all know how many lovely sceneries they are going to see during this trip.

What are the real costs of a Road Trip in Uzbekistan?

While renting a car without a driver in Uzbekistan is somehow complicated we calculate the costs of a Chauffeur-Driven-Car-Hire, comfortable Boutique hotel & B&B accommodation, all visits and meals for two passengers for a 1Week Uzbekistan Road Trip.

Cost of Accommodation in Uzbekistan & Best Places to Stay

32 USD – 27 EUR/ day

A 1 week trip in Uzbekistan will not permit you to go to the mountains or deserted areas and you will always be staying in comfortable hotels in the cities. Though Tashkent is mostly covered with big International style hotels, in the other cities you have the opportunity of choosing one of the traditional hotels of charm. For the ensemble of 3, 4 star boutique hotels you will pay 32 USD per person.

The cost includes every day breakfast and the passport registration which is required in Uzbekistan.

Cost of Car hire in Uzbekistan

29 USD – 25 EUR/ day

Due to difficulties in finding fuel as well as the inconveniencies of renting a car without driver the best way to find a transport is Hiring a Car with a professional all-knowing-local driver. If you are planning to follow the itinerary: Tashkent – Samarkand –Bukhara – Khiva – Tashkent during a 7day road trip your transport will cost you 29 USD per day. This cost includes the accommodation and meals of the driver, unlimited mileage fuel, parking and the gratuities.

This is truly a great option s you do not need to worry about anything on the road. You will just enjoy beautiful sceneries in a comfortable car throughout the trip.

Cost of Meals in Uzbekistan & Best Places to Eat

10 USD – 8.5 EUR/ day

Eating in Uzbekistan is possible the cheapest part of your trip. For eating in very good restaurants of the cities you can pay 5-8 USD (includes: entries wit 2 or 3 salads, soup, main dish, mineral water, bread and tea) and eating in Road restaurants or teahouses cost 2-4 USD. In general for meals you are going to spend around $10/day or 70 USD during your 1Week Road Trip.

Buying fruits, dry fruits in the markets does not cost expensive. For 1-2 USD you can buy a few hundred grams of dry fruits. The cost of beer and a glass of wine will be 1-1.5 USD.

Cost of Visits in Uzbekistan

7USD – 6 EUR/ day

It is impossible to imagine a trip to Uzbekistan without visiting its ancient monuments. You will surely like to visit as many monuments and attraction a day during your trip. Doubtlessly you will go the main ones in each city. In Tashkent, Samarkand & Bukhara you can pay individually for entering each monument but in Khiva you will buy one entry-ticket for the whole citadel. For the visits to monuments, climbing to the minarets etc you will pay $7/day.

Total: 65 EUR – 78 USD per day and per person

In the end, the most important factors of an Uzbekistan Road Trip are time and budget. You need to study and plan accurately where you can go not where you want to go. If you are planning to trip less than 10 days you should possible exclude Fergana Valley, the Aral Sea region and the south of Uzbekistan which are good options only for travelers staying in Uzbekistan more than 10 days. It will help you save time and money without being always on the road. In order to plan exactly what you want you can always get advantage of Free Advice of CentAsia experts by using the contact us form below.

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