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12 People Who Should Not Take Our Tours | Trip Guide Uzbekistan

  Date: 20.12.2017

  Category: Useful info

Top reasons to visit Uzbekistan

Who should visit Uzbekistan & who should never travel in Uzbekistan? Your guide to find out who the local people are in Uzbekistan, how's the cultural tolerance, what to eat and drink, is it safe to visit, what Uzbekistan tourism package is right for you & why you should take a tour to Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Tours Guide & Best Tips

Cultural tolerance

If you think that your country or region is the most beautiful and you are not open to understand and know the local Uzbek culture, you may arrive in Uzbekistan but you discover nothing. We believe that there is no good or bad culture/traditions, every culture is unique and they do not need justification. Uzbekistan is a great destination that open-minded people should visit during a lifetime.

Prince and princes

We haven’t yet had an opportunity to organize trips for Prince and Princesses and our ours are designed for ordinary people who love staying in nice Boutique hotels in ancient cities, sometimes in nomadic yurts (following the programs) and homestays. We do not have 7 star “Burj Al Arab Jumeirah” or similar hotels in Uzbekistan but we have all range of hotels situated in the hearts of ancient Silk Road cities. Our customers like walking in the streets, eating where the locals eat and discover the true Uzbekistan. If you are such a person you Should Not Avoid Visiting Uzbekistan.

I hate locals

If you are not ready to accept the local population as who they are then you should possibly not visit Uzbekistan. The local people in Uzbekistan also like traveling and they like meeting the travelers and we can’t explain them to ignore the foreigners. Everyone who’s already visited Uzbekistan will confirm that in Uzbekistan “hospitality” is not just a word. Every day, nearly in every busy monument you are going to meet local travelers who will pass by saying “hello, hi, welcome…etc”. Uzbekistan is a great destination for people who love the immersion & contact with the local population, for people who want to visit a place where there is no barrier between a traveler and a local.

I want spaghetti

If you are a traveler who wants to eat Italian spaghetti, McDonald’s or German beer every single day, Uzbekistan is probably not the best destination for you. Even if you will easily find several International Cuisine restaurants in each city, they are never as popular as the local restaurants or teahouses.

We recommend our clients to eat in nice and clean traditional Uzbek restaurants where they can taste some delish kebabs, plov or oriental sweets.

I want to start visiting at 5am

We love to see the people who want to see and visit as much as possible when they arrive in Samarkand or Bukhara but we need to say that most of our daily visits start at about 9 am and last as much our clients wish (normally till 4-5 pm).

Besides, when we make tour programs we try to keep a nice balance between visits and time for rest. So, no one is going to be upset.

101 percent punctuality and order

The Uzbeks also like order and punctuality but possibly not as much as you are! We need to tell that visiting Fergana valley, the Aral Sea or Tashkent is not about strict German discipline but it’s about lots of culture, unique architecture and amazing adventures.

I love contradicting and I am an advanced pessimist

Why are you driving too slowly? You’re driving too fast now. Why this dome is too much turquoise? Why so much food on the breakfast table? Why this minaret is so high? Why there’s too much gold on the portal of this mausoleum…?

We are very confident with the experience and knowledge of our guides but if those questions were yours, they will possibly not be able to give the answer that “YOU WANT”.

Keep the kids away from me

We used to organize various expensive tours for lots of money but we can’t do this one no matter how much you want to pay. Nearly 65% of the population of Uzbekistan is younger than 27 years old. More than 30% of the Uzbek population is younger than 14 years old. It means that you are going to see kids every day and everywhere.

Note: almost never you see kids who will be begging around you!

I am the partier

If you are a traveler who should start drinking at 9 am, we have think a little before being able to offer something available for you. Though, the Uzbeks also like drinking some alcohol we would like to propose you to visit a couple of fabulous monuments first and then we will offer you a nice aperitif with some local wine or vodka!

I am the guidebook guy

It is true that in the era of internet we can easily find any information but often these things are quite different from each other. If what we are saying is different from what is written in your guidebook, please consider that what we say is the version of the locals. We know that your version is the best! But please don’t do this: I don’t have to visit it, it’s not in my guide; I have to eat there it’s the best in my guide…

We invest a lot in our staff and we need to take care of our guides!!!

I know everything

I don’t know everything but I know it all. If this was your words we have to say that we are not smarter than you. You can possibly know certain things better than us and we are ready to learn some things from you. But, we are the locals and what we will tell you is taken from our life and from our traditions rather than from books. We think that our mission is showing sharing the Uzbek version of the things and the things that our people believe exist.

I am the conformist and thrill seeker

We have several tours which are designed for comfort art and luxury lovers but still some of our tours are adventure-oriented. Just be sure that you do not choose one of our Immersion trips to the life of Central Asia!

Actually, we are ready to create GREATE journeys to the Top Complainers and All-knowing travelers as we’ve been doing over the last years! We beleive that you can find lots of reasons for "WHY YOU SHOULD VISIT UZBEKISTAN?"

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