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  Date: 27.01.2018

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Vacations in Uzbekistan. Advanced travel facts on vacation packages, Uzbekistan visa, travel places, food, culture, lifestyle, travel safety and more of Uzbekistan and Stan countries from local travel expert - CentAsia. 

Is it safe in Uzbekistan?

Is Uzbekistan a good & safe place to visit?

Top attractions and tourist places in Uzbekistan

Popular Uzbekistan tour packages for fans of individual tours

What kind of food do they eat in Uzbekistan and in the Stan countries?

What is the perfect time for Uzbekistan vacations?

How to get visa to visit Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan Vacation Guide & Facts

Whereas there are lots of facts about Uzbekistan & Stan countries of Central Asia on web, some of this information is not up-to-date and some are not well documented. Besides, it is not a surprise that the name of all Central Asian countries – Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan & Kyrgyzstan somehow refer to Afghanistan and people immediately exclude these destinations from their list of dream destinations. Due to this simple fact, explaining how safe the Stans of Central Asia are may be rather difficult. But we think try to give only 1 simple fact which should explain how safe or dangerous Uzbekistan is:

Being the crossroads of the Great Silk Road, the Uzbek cities – Bukhara, Samarkand and others have always attracted the travelers from the whole world and the region was obliged to be open for all different cultures, religions etc. It means that the “Religious Tolerance” has always been a MUST for the population of this region. Moreover, by the end of the 19th century all territory of Central Asia had been conquered by the Russian tsarist armies and all Stans have lived as a part of Russia until 1990s. It means that, being a region of the anti-religious Soviet Empire for over a century changed the faith, traditions & lifestyle of the people of Central Asia and Uzbekistan. Finally, apart from showing one of the lowest crime rates in the world, Uzbekistan and some other Stans have very deep cultural background with nearly absolutely religious worries. 

Should you visit Uzbekistan? Travel Warnings

What does Uzbekistan mean in English?

Stan or Istan means “place or country”. So Uzbekistan means a country of the Uzbeks, Kazakhstan – a place of Kazakhs and Kyrgyzstan - …

Note: during long centuries the people of Central Asia have called lots of countries of the world with an ending ..stan. For example, France has been called Frangistan, India – Industan and more!

What Uzbekistan is Famous for?

Uzbekistan is famous for its Silk Road heritage and vacations to legendary cities like Samarkand & Bukhara. It is also known for millions of tons of Bio fruits, dry fruits & vegetables produced each year. And hopefully, it will soon be known for its traditional foods which combine some elements of the cuisine of nearly all countries connected with Silk Road.

Top 10 tourist places to go and best attractions in Uzbekistan

15 things to add to your bucket list in Central Asia

Best Shopping Places in Uzbekistan

What are popular Uzbekistan tours?

As we all like traveling differently, the popularity of tours can be definitely different for everyone. Regardless duration of tour packages the main types of tours in Uzbekistan are:

Cultural Tours –  city tours, culinary tours, classic tours to the highlights of Uzbekistan;

Adventure Tours – hiking in the mountains, yurt camping, camel & horse riding, Aral Sea tours;

Nearly all trips in Uzbekistan include visiting 3 main cities: Samarkand, Bukhara & Khiva. But still there are some other destinations and things to experience which help local tour operators create some original Uzbekistan vacation packages. Each of them intends to offer special interest visits and activities for different types travelers. Here’s the list of Top 5 Demanded Uzbekistan Tours over the last years:

Top 5 Popular Uzbekistan Vacation Packages

All-inclusive Special Adventure in Uzbekistan

From $ 715

From the Aral Sea to Silk Road Cities Private Tour

From $ 1060

Silk Road Culinary Trip & Highlights of Uzbekistan From $ 980
Private UNESCO Heritage Tour From $ 980
The Road to Samarkand Classic Uzbekistan Vacation

From $ 570


What kind of food do they eat in Uzbekistan & in Stans?

The historians say that until the arrival of Genghis Khan by 1220s the people of Uzbekistan and other Stans of Central Asia used to eat mainly fruits and vegetables. People used to prepare lots of soups with different kinds of cereals. But later, the cuisine of Uzbekistan started changing and becoming more varied. In the 14-15th centuries Tamerlane and his family have contributed to the development of International trade on Silk Road and the local meals got richer with different flavors of foods of different nations.

If you take a tour to Uzbekistan & Stans you should be ready to see lot of fruit & dry fruits, amazingly delicious and organic vegetables as well as mountains of melons & water-melons in the bazaars, a big variety of soups and kebabs.

What food is Uzbekistan famous for?

Almost all restaurants of Uzbekistan can offer you some original types of kebabs – Shashlik but the most popular food in the country is the Plov (Plof, Palov). Based on rice, carrots & meat is flavored with local spices, dry raisins and more. Simply, there’s no festivity in Uzbekistan without Plov. Moreover, all places in Uzbekistan have their own recipes to cook this main Uzbek food.

What is the culture of Uzbekistan?

In some way traveling to Uzbekistan is similar to traveling to Japan or any other country which has kept its deep cultural and traditional heritage. Whoever visits Uzbekistan can see the cultural identity which is standing for over 2 thousand years. Your stay will be stamped with quite original national clothes, traditional dances, the oldest musical instruments, countless national games and festivities. All of these facts make Uzbekistan one of the Top Least-Known Cultural Destinations of the planet which is more than worth discovering. 

What is the best time to take a vacation Uzbekistan & the Stans?

The best time to travel in Uzbekistan is highly dependent on the type of trip you want to take because any type of the year can offer you something different like: fishing in late autumn, skiing in winter, festival & buzkashi tours in the early spring etc. But Uzbekistan is mainly a country for Cultural Tours combined with some adventurous activities like hiking, trekking, horse & camel riding. For this kind of vacation in Uzbekistan the best period to go is from April to early November.

Uzbekistan Places and Travel Facts for Dummies

What is the main language in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is a home to over 130 different nationalities and naturally lots of different languages are spoken in the country. Though Tajik is spoken a lot in Samarkand & Bukhara and Russian in Tashkent, the main and most spoken language in the country is the Uzbek language. As the official language of the state the Uzbek is taught in all schools, in every corner of Uzbekistan.

Phrasebook of Uzbek for traveling in Uzbekistan

Is Uzbek similar to Turkish?

The intelligibility of the Uzbek and Turkish languages is about 60-65 percent. As these two languages have the same roots it is possible to understand each other. While you speak the Uzbek learning the Turkish will not be a complicated activity.

What do you call the people of Uzbekistan?

The people of Uzbekistan are called the Uzbeks. In the same way the people of Kazakhstan are the Kazakhs and the people from Turkmenistan are the Turkmens.

What is the race of Uzbeks?

What race are people from Uzbekistan and how do the Tajiks, Kyrgyzs, Turkmens and Kazakhs look? The Uzbeks are one of the 90+ Turkic speaking nations who live mainly in Uzbekistan. They are the main ethnic group in the country (80%). The other biggest ethnic groups in Uzbekistan are the Russians (5.5 %), Kazakhs (3%), Karakalpaks (2.5%).

Is Uzbekistan in Russia?

In 1865 the Russian Tsarist army started invading the regions of Central Asia and the territory of Uzbekistan was in Tsarist and Soviet Russia until 1991.

Who did Uzbekistan gain independence from?

Uzbekistan became independent from the Soviet Union in 1991, August 31. Only after 1991 the country became able to use its huge natural resources, to open the country for tourism and for being able to establish real international relations with lots of other countries of the world.

What are the major natural resources of Uzbekistan?

The natural resources if Uzbekistan may not seem huge if it’s compared to the natural wealth of some of its neighbors. But still Uzbekistan is quite rich in several mineral resources like natural gas, petroleum, uranium, coal, gold, copper, silver, zinc and other. Its main mineral resources are the gold, natural gas and uranium.

How did they travel along Silk Road?

Traveling through Uzbekistan was an essential part of the Silk Road Itineraries until 17th century when the sea roads to go to China and India have been opened and the Overland Silk Route has lost its importance. The deserted and steppe landscape of Uzbekistan could not be a natural barrier to stop the arrival of the caravans. The local rulers have always renewed the system of Water resources and in every 30 kilometers there was one Sardoba – water resource as well as a caravanserai for accommodating the travelers. 

The guides of Bukhara, Tashkent and Fergana have been so much skilled that the traders could reach any part of the Silk Road with minimal loss and expenses. These people were able to find water anywhere they were, find the best routes and hold negotiations with local leaders for guaranteeing fast, safe and inexpensive travel t their Caravans.


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