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Uzbekistan Travel Restrictions Latest | Uzbekistan Travel Advice COVID & PCR


Travel to Uzbekistan COVID-19. Is Uzbekistan open for tourism? Uzbekistan travel restrictions COVID, a complete list of PCR test places, and quarantine rules. Up-to-date travel advice about entering Uzbekistan, and intercity restrictions in Uzbekistan.


Uzbekistan entry requirements COVID Information (Updated on 02.02.2022)

Since mid-March, all travelers entering Uzbekistan through airports, border checkpoints, and railway stations are required to have a negative PCR test. The PCR test must be either in English or in Russian and must be made within 2 days (48 hours) before checking in for a flight, train. The travelers without a negative test PCR will not be allowed to the flight, train.

From February 2, 2022, the citizens of the following countries can enter Uzbekistan without any quarantine: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Egypt.

The PCR test must be done in laboratories that meet Uzbekistan's quality standards. You can find the approved list of laboratories by country on the official website of the Service for Sanitary and Epidemiological Wellbeing and Public Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the COVID-19 LAB section (http://sanepid.uz/oz).

Note: the laboratories of several countries are not placed on that list. In that case, the travelers can just get their PCR test in the official laboratories of their country. We haven’t yet heard of any traveler who was denied from checking in an airplane or rejected from entering Uzbekistan because of the list of laboratories.

With Uzbekistan travel reopening, the government of Uzbekistan has tried to create favorable traveling conditions for tourists and there are no covid travel restrictions for visiting the country. Uzbekistan is open for International travel, though flight/train suspensions with several countries are still active. Entering Uzbekistan is not restricted to any nationality or residency in case the traveler is arriving with a regular flight, train, or border checkpoints.

  • The travelers arriving in Uzbekistan must undergo thermometry.
  • Travelers may be asked to take a PCR test on arrival in Tashkent.
  • Face masks are required in public places and public transport.

Travel with flexibility. There’s no fee to cancel or change the dates of your trip. Travel looks different during the pandemic and we will make your travel safe during this challenging time!


Arriving in Uzbekistan COVID & Anti-covid measures

Tourism has been the most shocking industry because of the pandemic and the operators of tourism are thoroughly prepared for receiving tourists and for making sure that traveling is safe.

  • Our guides and drivers are vaccine and also get a PCR test before meeting the travelers;
  • Hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, museums, etc. are working with strict sanitization and social distancing protocols in place;
  • Since the beginning of July 2021, the weddings and other private events may not exceed 50 persons;
  • Public transport is required to adhere to social distancing regulations and may not exceed 50 percent capacity;
  • All persons should wear facemasks while in public;
  • Medical screenings/thermometry can be carried out at the entrance of entering grocery stores and markets;
  • The aircraft are carefully cleaned/disinfected both in the cabins and in the luggage room;
  • Mass vaccination (Russian Sputnik-V, AstraZeneca) of the citizens of Uzbekistan has accelerated since the beginning of July 2021.

Uzbekistan Quarantine Rules

No quarantine for travelers arriving in Uzbekistan. You are only asked to follow general safety measures.

If you have a negative PCR test, there’s no quarantine in Uzbekistan. Upon arrival in Uzbekistan (airport, land border), if you show any symptoms of coughing, high body temperature, or any other COVID symptoms, you will have to take a COVID-19 test. And if the result of your test is positive, you will be taken to 14 Day quarantine. You can pass the quarantine in a specialized COVID Treatment Center (government facility) or in an approved hotel with medical control/facilities at your own cost.

Depending on the conditions of Coronavirus, the authorities can modify, extend, ease or adjust Uzbekistan entry rules/travel restrictions with little-to-no notice. In that case, the entry regulations may become different for the citizens of some particular countries. You can contact us anytime to get the final information if there are any changes, check our trip report page to get all updated news, advice about visiting Uzbekistan during the global pandemic. Alternatively, check the official government websites:

Can I travel to Uzbekistan now?

Yes, Uzbekistan is open for tourism. The number of COVID cases has declined in the country and all businesses (museums, restaurants, banks, educational institutions, etc) are open.

Make sure that your negative Coronavirus (COVID-19) PCR test result/certificate is in English or Russian and with a QR code. You must have written or electronic documentation of the negative COVID test. In that case, there is no quarantine and no intercity restrictions to travel in Uzbekistan.


Check our Uzbekistan Visa page to know more about visa regulations during COVID.

PCR test requirement for Uzbekistan

In order to be allowed to the airplane or train, your negative PCR test must be done no more than 72 hours before your check-in to your flight or train. However, it would be ideal, if it is not more than 72 hours by the time that you arrive in Uzbekistan (not officially required). Logically, the people showing any symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to board.

You might need a negative PCR test before departing Uzbekistan. There is a possibility to get a PCR test in the airport of Tashkent. Usually, the PCR test center of the Tashkent airport gives the result quite fast but we recommend you plan your PCR test earlier in the city in order to avoid possible crowds taking the test. Below you will find a complete list of reliable PCR places in Uzbekistan.

Be the first to know the latest confirmed information about travel to Uzbekistan. Read more about the latest travel restrictions, travel news, and Uzbekistan travel advice on our TOUR REPORT page.


Complete List of Clinics & Laboratories for PCR Test in Uzbekistan

♦ The PCR test places in Tashkent

INTERMED (phone: +998 78 148 2288) - the results will be given within 8-12 hours

BIOGEN MED (phone: +998 95 196 7472, +998 71 230 7472) – the results will be ready within 5-9 hours if you take the tests until 17:00. They have an EXPRESS COVID Test which will be ready within 3 hours. You need to get registered if you want to take the express test.

Swiss Lab (phone: +998 71 207 6556)

VITROS Diagnostics (phone: +998 95 198 0091, +998 71 200 0091)

♦ The PCR test places in Samarkand

CITY Lab (phone: +998 97 897 1777)

NEOVITA (phone: +998915301144)

Parizoda Medical Service (phone: +998 91 546 6171)

♦ The PCR test places in Bukhara

AZIMED Hospital (phone: +99891 9250303, +99891 9790330)

♦ The PCR test places in Navoi

GEMO TEST (phone: +998 79 220 1346)

♦ The PCR test places in Fergana

EVRO Lab (phone: +998 93 980 57 03)

♦ The PCR test places in Namangan

INTERMED (phone: +998 93 500 5588)

♦ The PCR test places in Kokand

EVRO MED private clinic (phone: +998 91 202 0077)

♦ The PCR test places in Nukus

Medical Centre (phone: +998 99 503 0303)

♦ The PCR test places in Qarshi

Murod Med Star (phone: +998 90 345 7447)

♦ The PCR test places in Urgench
Emergency Medical Service (phone: +998 62 228 8281, +998 62 228 8270)


*Note: you need to have your passport for getting the PCR test. Before taking the test make sure that the results will be given in English & Russian and with QR codes. If you don’t want to lose time, most of the hotels can arrange your test PCR at your hotel.


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