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Uzbekistan Tourism 1001 Facts | Uzbekistan Safety, Health, Food, Visa | CentAsia Private Guide

  Date: 9.12.2018

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Uzbekistan Travel. Uzbekistan tourism safety, Uzbekistan food, health, tourist places, flights, visa , Uzbekistan travel agency, language, customs and traditions, weather, Uzbekistan & more facts. Online private guide to traveling in Uzbekistan – CentAsia.

Uzbekistan Toursm Facts from Travelers to Travelers

Travelers’ FAQs about Uzbekistan

Food FAQs in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Health FAQs

Uzbekistan FAQs for Dummies

Uzbekistan Airways, Airport & Baggage FAQs

Travelers’ FAQs about Uzbekistan

What are the Reasons for Visiting Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is a great destination for travelers who want to discover the unique architecture of some of the most legendary Silk Road cities like: Samarkand, Bukhara & Khiva. These cities offer you real time travel. Each day of your trip will take you to the time of great caravans, extremely varied culture, colorful bazaars and more.

Apart from Samarkand & Bukhara what’s there to experience in Uzbekistan?

Apart from these cities Uzbekistan can propose tours to the Aral Sea and to Fergana Valley, yurt camping & camel riding in the deserts & steppes, hiking and horse riding in the mountains etc.

With which Countries can Uzbekistan Trip be Combined?

Uzbekistan Private trips can be combined with other tours to Central Asian countries (Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan). You can make interesting Silk Rod itineraries like:

Combined Tour Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan – Iran

Combined Tour Uzbekistan – Kyrgyzstan – China

Combined Tour Uzbekistan – Kyrgyzstan – China – Mongolia

The most popular combined tours are the Stans Tours:

Combined Tour 2 Stans

Combined Tour 3 Stans

Combined Tour 4 Stans

Combined Tour 5 Stans

Uzbekistan is situated in the center of Central Asia & trips to Uzbekistan can easily be combined with tours to any of these countries.

Note: CentAsia Voyages can tailor your Private & Small Group Uzbekistan tours combined with trips to any neighboring countries. You can request your trips by contacting us.

How Long is the Most Popular Uzbekistan Trip?

The most popular tours to Uzbekistan last 9-12 days. These tours include visits to Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva. Generally a 10 Day trip is perfect for experiencing the Highlights of Uzbekistan.

Can CentAsia Voyages Make Trips Following My Interests?

Yes, 100 percent of the tours of CentAsia Voyages are individually tailored according to the wishes of the customers. You can always use our MAKE YOUR TRIP option for creating your own trip or you can write us about your travel interests and according to that we will create an individual travel itinerary designed only for you.

What are the Special Events or Dates to Travel to Uzbekistan?

If you want to plan your Uzbekistan Tour during special events or dates we can propose two main events:

21 March – Spring Festival Navruz is one of the most interesting periods to travel to Uzbekistan. It’s a great time to see the national Buzkashi game & participating in local Navruz celebrities.

The end of May – the Festival of Silk & Spices has become the most popular festival of the Country. Silk & Spices festival is a great event to attend for people who want to get back to a very rich, colorful & crowded True Silk Road city.

Does CentAsia Voyages Organize Tours with Guaranteed Departures?

Yes, we organize several tours yearly with fixed departures. These tours are also fully flexible. Travelers can always ask for post & pre extensions.

What is the Best Time to Visit Uzbekistan and what’s the Climate Like?

The climate of Uzbekistan is dry and continental with hot summers & cold winters. The best periods to visit Uzbekistan are Spring (April-May) and Autumn (September-October).

Best & Worst Times to Visit Uzbekistan

How do I fly to Uzbekistan?
From Europe, Uzbekistan Airways operates from Geneva, London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Rome to Tashkent. Europeans can also use Turkish Airlines via Istanbul or Russian Airlines to arrive in Tashkent. Besides during travel season there are direct flights from Milan & Paris to Urgench, Khiva. From North America, many passengers use Turkish Airways or Russian Airways. Furthermore, from July 2017 there are Boeing Dreamliners of Uzbekistan Airways proposing direct flight to Uzbekistan from New York. Flights from Australia to Uzbekistan can be arranged through Seoul (Korean Air), Beijing, Kuala-Lumpur and Singapore.

Can CentAsia Voyages book my flights?

CentAsia Voyages does not book International Air Tickets in order to give the flight and ticket choice to the customers. But we book your Domestic Flight Tickets.

Do I need to have a Visa to Travel to Uzbekistan?

Yes, citizens of most of the countries need to have a valid Visa to enter Uzbekistan. For detailed information see our Visa page.

How do I get my Visa to Uzbekistan?

You can get your Visa at the Diplomatic missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in your country. The citizens of a few countries may need to have a LOI (Letter of Invitation) in order to obtain the Uzbek visa.

Can CentAsia Voyages help me with LOI?

Yes, we prepare your LOI free of charge as a part of your travel package that you book with us.

What kind of Currency Should I Bring to Uzbekistan?

US dollar, Euro, British pound, Russian Rubl and Japanese yen can easily be changed at Uzbek banks. However, we recommend traveler to bring US Dollars or Euros which are the easiest to change. For your big or small purchases you can pay in US dollars or Euros.

What is the Money/Currency of Uzbekistan?

The Uzbek money is “Som”.

Are there ATMs in Uzbekistan?

Yes, there are ATMs in Uzbekistan but they are not common and we advice to bring more Cash money in order to avoid any difficulties. Though more and more ATMs are appearing in local bazaars and in old cities Uzbekistan is still a Cash country.

What is the time zone in Uzbekistan?

The time zone for Uzbekistan is GMT + 5

Can I Use my Phone in Uzbekistan?

Yes, you can use the International roaming service though it is expensive. You can better use a local SIM card or free messangers like WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber etc.

Is Nightlife Safe in Uzbekistan?

Yes, especially in tourist areas travelers can easily walk in the streets of the old cities.

Are Hotels Good in Uzbekistan?

Yes, most of the hotels are very typical and for someone who wants to discover a part of Silk Road in Uzbekistan they are good enough. In Uzbekistan you have to expect to have more traditional, Boutique style hotels than modern International one. Note: some Uzbek Hotels are reputed for having hard beds!

Are there Mosquitoes in Uzbekistan?

There are mosquitoes in every corner of the planet and Uzbekistan is not an exception. But the country is very dry during travel season (April-May, September-October) there are practically no mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can be “encountered” from mid July to early August.

Can I access Internet in Uzbekistan?

Yes, free Wi-Fi is available in all hotels and most of the restaurants

Uzbekistan Food FAQs

How does the Uzbek Food look like?

Uzbekistan’s cuisine is rich enough. Lots of meals of Uzbekistan can be found all over Asia. While people eat lots of vegetables the choice is greater for meat eaters. The local Teahouses – Tchaikhanas are quite popular in Uzbekistan. Travelers enjoy the rich diversity of salads and soup whereas very varied Shashlik- kebabs can be found everywhere in the country.

If I am A Vegetarian will I have Problems?

Finding vegetarian food is not complicated in tourist areas but if you will be traveling off classical destinations then you may have difficulties. There are big or small bazaars everywhere and you can always find some fresh fruits and vegetables in them.

Vegetarian food in Uzbekistan

Is Uzbek food expensive?

No, eating in a good Uzbek restaurant costs from 3 to 10 US Dollars. Uzbekistan produces nearly all agricultural products found in the markets and it helps the country keep the prices as low as possible.

Uzbekistan Health FAQs

How is the food hygiene in Uzbekistan?

The hygiene in Uzbekistan is quite OK compared to many other countries. In tourist cities there will be no difficulty in getting cheap and good food. Only in remote areas and bazaars we advice not to be attracted by the street food.

Is Tap Water Good for Drinking in Uzbekistan?

We do not advice drinking tap/faucet water at hotels etc. Bottled mineral water can be found anywhere at reasonable prices.

Drinking water in Uzbekistan

Can I Brush my Teeth with Tap Water in Uzbekistan?

Yes, while drinking the tap water is not recommended, travelers can easily use the tap water at hotels for brushing their teeth. All hotel chosen by CentAsia Voyages have water purification systems.

Will I get Sick in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is a sunny country and the bazaars are rich in delicious fruits & vegetables. This fact makes Diarrhoea the main risk. So, your carefully planned Medical Kit should include medicaments against Diarrhoea.

Are there medicaments in Uzbekistan?

Yes, Uzbekistan imports most of the medicaments from Germany, India and Russia. Besides, Uzbekistan has one of the most developed traditional medicines of the world.

Uzbekistan FAQs for Dummies

What does Uzbekistan Mean?

Uzbekistan means “Country of Uzbeks”. “Stan” or “istan” means “country, place, land”.

Is Uzbekistan in Russia?

No, all Central Asia including the territory of Uzbekistan was occupied by Russian Tsarist army in the end of the 19th century but since 1991 Uzbekistan is an Independent country.

Is Uzbekistan in Pakistan?

No, look at the previous question!

Is Uzbekistan in the Middle East?

Uzbekistan is not in the Middle East.

Where is Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is situated in Central Asia, surrounded by former Soviet countries like Kazakhstan. Kyrgyzstan …

Is Uzbekistan Dangerous?

Uzbekistan is not Afghanistan and the country is safe and hospitable.

What Language do the Uzbeks Speak?

The official language of Uzbekistan is the Uzbek language which is close to the Turkish language.

What other Languages Spoken in Uzbekistan?

Apart from the Uzbek language Russian is widely spoken. Other main languages are: Kazakh, Tajik-Persian, Tatar and Korean. The younger people may speak some English as the English is taught in 90 percent of the schools in Uzbekistan.

Are all Uzbeks Muslims?

No, Uzbekistan is home to over 120 nations who speak different languages and follow different beliefs. Apart from Muslim religion Christian and Jewish religions are also widely practiced in Uzbekistan. More than 80 percent of the Uzbeks are Muslims but less than 5 percent of them practice it.

Is the Carriage most common transport in Uzbekistan?

No, Uzbekistan produces cars (General Motors) since 1996 and all other means of transport from bicycle to trucks are produced in Uzbekistan and exported to over 20 countries of the world.

How should we greet the Uzbeks?

The greeting in Uzbekistan is traditionally done by bowing and placing the right hand to your heart.

Is there Metro in Uzbekistan?

Yes, the capital of Uzbekistan – Tashkent as metro since 1977 and it is considered as one of the most beautiful in the world. Each station is unique and decorated with chandeliers, marble pillars, granite, and engraved metal.

Is Uzbekistan’s weather humid?

No, Uzbekistan’s climate is dry and the country needs to pass through minimum 2 other countries in order to reach to an open sea.

Is Uzbekistan a deserted country without any snow?

About 60 percent of the territory of Uzbekistan is covered with deserts & steppes but a good part of the country has high mountains (up to 4600m height). In the mountainous areas of Uzbekistan snow is expected until the end of April and during winter it snows even in the Uzbek deserts.

Do the Uzbek men have several wives?

Polygamy is illegal in Uzbekistan and this is strictly followed since the arrival of the Bolsheviks (about 100 years ago).

Are the Uzbek Trains Fast?

Yes, Uzbekistan has built the first Fast Speed Trains in Central Asia and now they are connecting some of the most visited cities of the country (Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara and Khiva in 2018).

Are there blondes in Uzbekistan?

Obviously yes, over 7 percent of the population of Uzbekistan and it guarantees a few blondes everywhere in Uzbekistan.

Are Teahouses only for drinking tea?

No, the Uzbek Teahouse is equal to a restaurant where one can get different types of food. But the Teahouses serve mostly the foods of national cuisine. Anyway, there are still a few most typical teahouses which serve some tea and the food can be prepared only by command.

Do Women Smoke & Drink Alcohol in Uzbekistan?

Actually, the Uzbeks are not big smokers and it is hard to see women who smoke. But just like alcohol it depends on the religion and education of the women. Alcohol is widely consumed by men and women. The main alcohol for the Uzbek women is red wine.

Uzbekistan Airways, Airport & Baggage FAQs

I have bought too many Souvenirs. Is the Airport Strict with Excess Luggage?

Yes, the airports are normally strict and if you think that you may have to arrive at the airport earlier in order to avoid problems. Note: extra payment for Luggage excess should be paid in local currency.

Extra baggage

For extra baggage, as well as for special category baggage (animals, sports equipment, overweight and oversized baggage), the passenger pays the fee established for excessive and special baggage.

Restrictions on baggage

For carriage as both registered and unregistered baggage the following are accepted:

- Objects and substances that may be hazardous to aircraft, passengers on board the aircraft owned by airline or passengers;

- Objects, weight and size of which significantly exceed the established norms of overall airline regulations for baggage;

- Items the carriage of which is prohibited by the laws and regulations of the State from the territory, through or into which the flight is operated.

Travelling with Pets

A health certificate is required when transporting your pet according to the rules and regulations of the country of departure, arrival or transit. Uzbekistan Airways apply extra charges for transportation of animals. The following pets can travel with you in the cabin:

Dogs, cats, monkeys, birds. Pets which fit into a small or medium sized pet pack (max.8 kg with cage/container) can be carried into the passenger cabin. Otherwise, you can ship your pet as cargo.

Terms of baggage

Please see below the allowance for check in baggage for each passenger who has paid at least 50% of the fare:

F class – 40 kg;

C class – 30 kg;

Y class – 20 kg;

For extra baggage, as well as for special category baggage (animals, sports equipment, overweight and oversized baggage), the passenger pays the fee established for excessive and special baggage.

Free baggage allowance for the class of service

Checked baggage allowances

Please see below the allowance for check in baggage for each passenger who has paid at least 50% of the fare:

C class – 30 kg;

Y class – 20 kg;

Each extra piece, as well as excessive size and weight, is paid for at a rate of three standard fees.

Carriage of Special Equipment

Special Equipment.

Wheelchairs with the electric motors for the transport of sick and other battery-powered mobility aids are accepted for carriage as checked baggage only with the prior consent of the carrier, and subject always to the following conditions:

- Wheelchairs with solid / not occurring elements of electric batteries are accepted for carriage if the batteries are disconnected, the battery terminals are insulated to prevent accidental short circuits and the battery itself is securely attached to the wheelchair

Lost luggage

Loss of luggage - a violation of the contract of carriage in which the carrier after a specified delivery period and the expiration of Investigation not delivered luggage, cannot give it to the authorized recipient of baggage, regardless of whether it happened because of his actual loss, infiltration or erroneously delivered in the interim airport. Luggage shall be regarded as lost luggage, when it was not found within 21 days after the search.

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