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Uzbekistan Car Rental FAQs, Questions & Answers about Hiring a Car in Uzbekistan | CentAsia

  Date: 25.12.2017

  Category: Useful info

Answers to all your questions related to renting a car in Uzbekistan, finding a polyglot driver in Uzbekistan, booking and cancelling a Car Hiring in Uzbekistan, car rental fees, choosing the best tourist routes and more. Enjoy free advice of CentAsia experts.

Answers to your Questions about Hiring a Car in Uzbekistan and Central Asia

While offering Car Hire Services in Uzbekistan for nearly 15 years every day we encounter with very important questions of our customers and here you can see the Most Frequently Asked Questions about hiring a car.

If I have booked a car from Tashkent to Samarkand and later decided to keep it for going to the other cities – is it possible?

You can easily book your car for longer periods whenever you want but you need to inform your agent about It at least 24 hours ago.

If, due to longer visits I have returned at my hotel very late will I be charged more?

No, we do not charge you for extra hours or kilometers. But you have to bear in mind that in Uzbekistan the drivers are not allowed to drive more than 8 hours a day. You should respect the resting hours of your driver for your own safety.

I am 82 years old and I may need someone who will help me with my luggage. Can I ask my driver for help?

Yes, our drivers accept it as a part of their job and you don’t even need to ask them about it. Our drivers will not be only a driver but your dedicated travel companion who will do the maximum to help you live a comfortable Uzbekistan trip.

Should I pay expensive toll fees to drive in Uzbekistan?

In Uzbekistan there are not any toll fees. All roads belong to the government and they are totally free.

Is there serious theft problem in Uzbekistan? Can I leave my unnecessary stuffs in the car while visiting the monuments?

Crime in is almost non-existing in Uzbekistan. Especially in the tourist areas there is a special department of police which works for the safety of travelers and their belongings. Moreover, when you will be visiting the monuments your driver will stay in the car and you will not have any issues with any views of crime.

When I hire a car with a driver should I pay for filling petrol?

No, our car hire services in Uzbekistan are All Inclusive Packages. Once you pay everyting related to your car will be covered:


Parking and any road expenses of the car

All expenses of the driver

If I hire car in Uzbekistan just before my arrival or while I am in Uzbekistan, how can I pay?

If you book a car just before your arrival or when you are already in Uzbekistan you can simply pay directly to your driver by Cash in USD, Euro or in local currency.  

Due to any reason can I upgrade my car during the trip?

We recommend you to decide carefully your car before booking it but if you decide to change your car to a bigger or higher-class auto we change it easily. Please don’t forget to contact your CentAsia agent about it your plans least 24 hours prior to the change.

Why do I need to inform about my change-plans early?

If you travel during the tourist season in Uzbekistan, at least 80 percent of our drivers will always be busy and we need time to send you the right guide or the driver or the car at the right time.

What kind of discounts can I get while renting a car?

You can enjoy some discounts for booking your Car Hire in Uzbekistan if:

- You have already booked a Car Hire in Uzbekistan with CentAsia;

- If you have been directed to us by one of our old clients;

- If you are hiring a car for longer periods (5+ days)

What extras I’ll have to pay?

If you totally change your travel itinerary which causes remarkable distance differences you may be asked to pay an extra.

Can I travel to Kyrgyzstan or Turkmenistan with the car I have booked in Uzbekistan?

No, you can go to the other neighboring countries with the car you’ve hired in Uzbekistan but we can provide you with drivers and cars in these countries.

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