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Best Tour Destinations in Uzbekistan | Must Things To Do

  Date: 05.12.2017

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Best destinations and attractions in Uzbekistan. Travel places, top attractions, best things to do in Uzbekistan. Best activities in Uzbekistan for Adventure, Nature and Culture travel seekers. Old cities, Silk Road sites, the Aral Sea, Fergana valley as well as most original mountain & desert destinations in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan can be a universal travel destination for travelers of all ages and different interests. The country can offer you some unique travel experiences from Camel Safaris in Red Desert to Cultural Visits in Silk Road cities, from Trekking in the Pamirs to Self Drive in the steppes of Central Asia and from Cultural Immersion to Religious Tours.

While there is a lot of information about popular-classic destinations of Uzbekistan on the web, here we are going to highlight some other Top original Tourist Destinations of Uzbekistan that you should consider adding to your list:

Old cities from Samarkand to Khiva

Being the centre of Central Asia the Uzbek cities: Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva have been the political, cultural and economic centers of the region. And it gifted them with outstanding monuments which let them be named “Museums under the open air”. In brief, visiting these 3 cities is the MUST for every voyager coming to discover Uzbekistan. If your timing is more flexible you can add the city of Shakhrisabz to your list.

The #1 Best Tour Destinations in Uzbekistan are: Samarkand, Khiva & Bukhara.

Silk Road adventure in Uzbekistan

Being located on the crossroads of the Great Silk Road is truly the main Key-Point of travel marketing of Uzbekistan and this is one of the things which is promoting Uzbekistan as a challenging travel destination. And the country is being visited by more and more travelers from the whole world. So, visiting some places which shows the Silk Road culture and arts is also an essential part of Tourism of Uzbekistan:

The Sarmish rock paintintgs. These old rock paintings are the vitnesses of all history of Silk Road in Central Asia and they offer you a visit to one of the most untouched tourist attractions of Central Asia.

Sardoba in Raboti Malik (14th century, Silk Road Heritage site). Located on the road between Bukhara and Samarkand this ancient construction is a true proof that you are traveling on the same road as Marco Polo, Ghenghis Khan … On the Silk Road every 30 kilometer the rulers were supposed to build a Sardoba (water reservoir) and a Caravanseray. Most of the Silk Road constructions have been destroyed during military invasions and this one, happily, has been conserved up to now.

Mountains, Guesthouses and Hiking in Uzbekistan

CentAsia Voyages always suggests mixing the cultural activities with some adventure and immersion in isolated beautiful villages. These villages offer experiencing the ordinary but original local life. As in these villages life seem to have stopped in the beginning of the 20th century. People wear traditional clothes, old men with white beards, women with long hair etc.

Sentab and Ayaktchi – these 2 villages are located in different parts of the country but both of them have some common sides: both guarantee you unbelievable amazing contact with the locals, both take you to places far from city noises and both offer you hiking in quite beautiful places which are gifted by the nature.

Sarmish, Sentab & Ayaktchi are Top Destinations in Uzbekistan which offer the best things to do to the enthusiasts of Adventure & Nature tourism.

What to see in Kizilkum, the Red Desert?

The Kizilkum 2nd main desert of Central Asia is worth to be added to your next Uzbekistan trip. It offers you to sleep in Kazakh Nomadic yurts, riding Bactrian camels, enjoying a delicious nomadic dinner, a great traditional music program with the sky full of millions of stars, swimming in the biggest lake of the country – Aydarkul ...

Muynaq / Aral Sea / Cemetery of Boats

Due to long distance most of the travelers may not be able to visit the city of Muynaq where one can see the latest huge human-made disaster – drying Aral Sea. Once, 4th biggest lake of the world is now disappearing and it is now called the “Aral Desert”. The city of Muynaq and its “Graveyard of Boats” is open for every interested human being who wants to see this ecological disaster with his/her own eyes.

What to see in Ferghana Valley?

Ferghana – the silk valley has been the main step for traders travelling from Central Asia to China. The valley has always been rich thank to its fertile land and it was the region where most of the Dry Fruits of Central Asia have been produced. Going to Ferghana Valley means enjoying the charm of endless gardens, breathing the air of beautiful mountains, visiting the ancient city of Kokand and discovering some of the biggest Ceramics and Silk Workshops of all Central Asia. Going to Rishtan (village of ceramists) and Margilan (silk producers’ town) are the MUST in Ferghana.

Fergana Valley, Aral Sea & the Kyzil Kum desert offer the best OPTIONAL attractions for people willing to travel in Uzbekistan for longer period of time. They can be added to any type of tour and complete a very Special Uzbekistan Tour.

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