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A few things to consider before renting a car in Uzbekistan | CentAsia

  Date: 25.12.2017

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Hiring a car & driver in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan car rental costs and type of the rental cars. Uzbekistan wit Private Driver and car packages and more you need to know before renting a car with driver in Uzbekistan.

Hiring a car for your Uzbekistan holiday? Planning to visit all best attractions of Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent & Khiva in a private car? Then take a look at these most important things to know before renting an affordable car in and planning the best road trip in Uzbekistan, Central Asia.

Hiring a private car and taking Road Trip in Uzbekistan is the most colorful type of touring. It will help you travel like no one else. You decide where to go, how to go and when to go. Be as independent as you want, follow your own pace and enjoy everything Uzbekistan has to offer you.


Uzbekistan Car Hire Tips for First-time Visitors in Uzbekistan

Contact details of the agency

This is the number of rule. Before arriving in Uzbekistan be sure to have all contact details of your agent, your driver and guide (if you have). This will help you avoid any misunderstandings and will be very useful in emergency cases like road closings, itinerary changes etc.

Hidden Costs

Hiring a Car in Uzbekistan can be easy with the help of internet but finding a car and driver is not yet all. Before confirming your hire request you have to be sure that your driver knows all or most of the places you want to go and at least this must be a person who is eager to search what he doesn’t know. Apart from that, you need to read carefully what is included in your package. 100 percent of our Car Hire Packages in Uzbekistan includes:

The meals of the driver;

The accommodation of the driver;

Fuel, parking and other necessities of the car;

Gratuities to the driver;

Free bottle of water per day;

Road map of Uzbekistan;

Souvenir from the agency (for 5+ day reservations)

Type of the car

Choosing the right type of car ensures you to get the most joy of your trip. CentAsia recommends you to choose the right type of car following the type of your trip (adventure, culture, mountains etc) and according to the number of travelers. For having an idea of the most handy transport types you can see our fleet.

Perfect Drive with Good Driver

Driving in Uzbekistan is not similar to that in European countries. Here, you do not see road indications, you do not easily find the Fuel stations and your Google Maps won’t help that much. Due to all of these and more other reasons the key to the Best Uzbekistan Road Trip is having a good driver. Let us find you the driver who is not less reliable than any GPS!

Restricted means Forbidden

Uzbekistan is definitely a safe country for a road trip but need to know that there are a few areas which are forbidden to drive or for parking. These areas are mainly close to the borders of the country, a few tunnels and so.

No extra airport fee

When you reserve your transport with CentAsia your airport / train stations transfers will be provided free of charge. Your car and driver will be at your disposal from 9 am to 6 pm and later to take you to your dinner. You can always plan your schedule and activities with your driver following your itinerary and your interests.

No Cancellation Penalty

CentAsia Voyages works hard to make your trip easy and you can reserve as well as cancel your Car Hire easily. If you have issues like changes in flight schedule, visa problems, health matters you can inform us about it 3 days prior to your arrival in Uzbekistan and we will immediately confirm your free cancellation.

Gasoline is a Headache

Most of the cars in Uzbekistan operate on Propane or Methane Gas. Gas is quite cheap, safe and clean for the environment but it may not permit you to drive as long as you want. That’s why you have to be ready to refuel the car every 300-400 hundred kilometers.

Not Much Adventure

If you hire your Car via CentAsia Voyages, you will enjoy unlimited kilometers and the services of top experienced local drivers in Uzbekistan. Our drivers are highly devoted to their job and always ready to follow all your special interests. They don’t mind to take you to your Last-Minute-Destinations even if they are not mentioned in your confirmed travel itinerary. We would like you not to overuse this facility and please bear in mind that the drivers in Uzbekistan are not allowed to drive more than 8 hours a day. Moreover, in remote places you do not see enough road indicators and driving beyond principal routes in mountainous and deserted areas is not a good idea either.

Pack Your Own Extras

All our professional drivers are like “Alive GPS” and they know all necessary routes to take you wherever you want but Uzbekistan is a big country and if you want to go somewhere Exceptional your GPS may be helpful. Besides, you can bring a Flash card or CD with your lovely music.

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