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15 activities in Uzbekistan to add to your bucket list | Central Asia Guide

  Date: 05.12.2017

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Uzbekistan top sights and points of interest from local trip advisors. Best places to eat in Uzbekistan,  best places to go, best Uzbekistan things to do. Discover this list of 15 most popular travel activities, unusual & fun things to do in Uzbekistan and Central Asia to add to your Central Asia trip program.

1. Dining at the restaurant of the TV Tower in Tashkent.

As the most populated city of Central Asia Tashkent can offer you quite a big choice restaurants during your stay. But the TV Tower in Tashkent can offer you a unique dinner in the city with a beautiful view over the city. Apart from modern cuisine, the idea of dining there is very wonderful. This is possibly one of top 3 Unusual Activities to do in Tashkent.

2. Swimming in the lake Aydarkul .

The Aydarkul lake is the biggest lake in Uzbekistan hidden in the deserted areas. Its incredible dimensions and rich birdlife can beautify every travel in Uzbekistan. Aydarkul lake is situated in the Kyzylkum desert and has been created during the last decades of the 20t century.

3. Camel riding in the Kyzil Kum Desert.

Riding the Bactrian camels in the Kyzylkum desert is an interesting activity which helps you live the life of the Silk Road caravans. The Camel Riding tours can be organized as a part of your Cultural or Adventure trip. It can be a great option to take between Bukhara & Samarkand. You can head up to ancient Nurata and go to one of the Yurt Camps in the Kyzylkum desert.

Swimming in Aydarkul and Camel Riding in the Kyzil Kum desert, Visiting Derwaza Gas Crater are some of the Top Fun Things to Do in the deserts of Central Asia.

4. Derwaza Gas Crater in Turkmenistan.

The Derwaza gas crater in Turkmenistan is also called “Gate to Hell” and is considered as the country’s #1 Travel Attraction.

This old gas crater is a very spectacular place and is situated in the heart of Karakum. You can take this tour as a part of your Uzbekistan trip. From Khiva in Uzbekistan you can drive about 60 kilometers to cross the Turkmen border and by driving a couple of hours you can arrive in Derwaza where you can have an unforgettable dinner and overnight in tents.

5. Having a spectacular view over the citadel of Khiva from the Akshix Bobo observation tower.

The Akshix Bobo was built in the 14th century in Khiva as an accommodation for a saint patron and was also used as an observation tower. This is possibly the best place for having all monuments of the city at the level of your feet. And this is one of 5 Top Sights in Khiva.

6. Having a drink in the restaurant Chashmai Ayub in Bukhara with a fantastic view over the complex Kalon. The Kalon ensemble is the heart of old Bukhara where you can see the biggest mosque and madrasah as well as the highest minaret of the city. You have to try to enjoy this panoramic view from the terrace of the restaurant which offers you the unique opportunity to see 200+ domes of the mosque Kalon. Just for its view this is one of the best places to eat in Uzbekistan.

7. Walking on the city walls of Ichan Kala citadel.

Itchan Kala – Ichan kala in Khiva is the only citadel of Central Asia which has survived after the military expeditions of Tsarist army in the region.  The Ichan Kala citadel has 10m high, 4-5m large and over 2200m long walls which can be a good idea for observing the sunrise or sunset. Only few other attractions can offer more entertainment and fun that the citiy walls of Khiva.

8. Visiting the old citadels of Ancient Khorezm.

The Ancient Khorezm (north of Uzbekistan) is a good region for travelers who love history and who want to visit the 3000 year old citadels of Khorezmian empire.

9. Visiting the museum of Savitsky in Nukus, Karakalpakstan which has the 2nd biggest collection of Russian avant-garde artwork in the world.

The city of Nukus does not have a lot to offer to its visitors but its Art Museum is more than worth taking time to pay a visit to the city.

10. Riding the Akhal Tekke horses in Turkmenistan.

The Akhal Tekke horses are the pride and national wealth of Turkmenistan. These horses are known as one of the most elegant breed in the world and you have the possibility of riding them in this little known Central Asian country. The beautiful colors, muscular and elegant body of Akhal Tekke horses is just amazing.

11. Trekking in the celestial mountains of Tajikistan.

Tajikistan is probably the most untouched region of Central Asia and trekking in the high mountains can reward you with outstanding landscapes and unforgettable immersion with the local population which seem to be living the life of 20th century.

Sleeping in nomadic yurts near Nurata, celestial mountain trekking in Tajikistan and riding Akhal Tekke horses in Turkmenistan are the best things to do for Adventure travelers in Central Asia.

12. Sleeping in nomadic tents near Nurata

Nurata is an oasis situated between high mountains and arid deserts. Sleeping in one of the yurt camps near Nurata can be a good pause between the blue mosques of Samarkand & Bukhra.

13. A trip to Son Kul lake and Self Drive in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan is an interesting destination for Adventure travelers and it is the easiest country of Central Asia for taking a Self Drive trip. The contrast of landscapes around the lake will not let any traveler get bored.

14. Experiencing a horse riding trip in Kyrgyzstan.

While CentAsia Voyages has been organizing horse riding trips in different regions of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan can also be an ideal destination for horse riding.

15. Enjoying the Eagle Hunting in Kazakhstan (or Kyrgyzstan) and the unique Buzkashi game in Uzbekistan.

Eagle hunting and Buzkashi games are unique activities to experience in Central Asia and they require a real flexibility of timing because these activities are only organized during particular periods of the year. But the Buzkashi games can easily be attended in Uzbekistan’s mountainous regions from November 5 to early March.

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