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Yodgorlik Silk Factory in Marghilan | Fergana Sight & Guide

The Silk Factory “Yodgorlik” is recommended to visit as a place where one can see all process of producing silk products. Besides, there is a small shop in the territory of the factory which is the best option to buy real silk or cotton products produced in the factory in front of the eyes of the visitors.

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Yodgorlik Silk Factory is among top 3 places to visit in Fergana Valley. The factory is situated in the city of Marghilan. This Silk Factory and its over 2000 skilled workers produce tons of silk products and kiliometers of silk threads yearly. The territory of the factory is big enough and it looks like a small Silk City in the heart of the Fergana Valley.

The city of Marghilan has always been the center of silk production in Central Asia. The items produced in Marghilan had been transported to Baghdad, Egypt, Italy and Greece with the caravans of the Silk Road. This Silk Capital of Uzbekistan has lots of Silk Factories and “Yodgorlik” is not yet the biggest.

“Yodgorlik” Silk Factory & Workshop of Fergana had been founded in 1972 and started producing silk products in small quantities. In 1996, with the help of the British Embassy 4 workers of the factory were sent to India in order to exchange experience and to learn the Indian way to use natural dyes. This experience later-on helped the factory enlarge the type of products and type of colors used for dying the fabrics.


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