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Ensemble Lyabi –Khauz | Bukhara Sights & Museums Guide

The complex Lyabi-khauz is the heart of all Bukhara. Every traveler in Bukhara arrives at this place and doubtlessly falls in love with it. When the sun sets down and temperature starts cooling off people of Bukhara come to this wonderful place for walking, playing with their kids, eating or listening to live music at one of the restaurants around the complex.

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Lyabi-Khauz, as Bukhara’s Top Tourist Destination includes 3 magnificent buildings: Madrasah and Khanaga of Nodir Devanbeghi and Madrasah Kukaldoah. And Lyabi-Khauz means “Complex around the basin”.

During the times of Silk Road the place was often used as one of the main Bazaars of Bukhara. The open place around Lyabi-Khauz used to be occupied by merchants from diverse countries because the street passing in front of it was one of the main streets of the city and some other main trade complexes were nearby.

In the 16th century (1569y) the first construction (Madrasah Kokaldash) was built in the ensemble. Later-on the Grand Vezir of Bukhara Nodir Devanbeghi added the Khauz (Basin), a madrasah and khanaga (shelter for pilgrims) for completing the harmony of the ensemble. In the beginning of 20th century the Bolsheviks destroyed lots of Khauzs (basins and water reservoirs) and only its artistic value saved the basin.

As the main cultural and commercial center of old Bulhara the place of Lyabi Khauz is surrounded by a big number of hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. The most interesting things to do around Lyabi Khauz are:

  • Visiting the Workshop of Oriental Puppets located in front of Lyabi Khauz;
  • Visiting the synagogue in the Jewish block. Travelers can find it by walking down the street right in front of Lyabi Khauz, next to the workshop of Puppets;
  • Going to see the statue of Khodja Nasreddin;
  • Dining at the Lyabi Khauz restaurant;
  • Dinner and dance show in the madrasah Devonbegi.


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