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Bazaar Chorsu Tashkent | Oriental Bazaars of Tashkent

The heart of every oriental city is a bazaar. In cities like Tashkent or Samarkand if you see crowded places you can make sure that you are close to a local bazaar. Even if you visit several bazaars during your Uzbekistan tour going to the next one rewards you more beautiful colors, traditional clothes and much more.

 chorsu bazaar Centasia tours

The Bazaar Chorsu in Tashkent is doubtlessly among top 5 attractions of the city because it is the oldest, it is the biggest and possibly the most typical bazaar of the city. Apart from being a trading center this bazaars like any other big bazaar had been the center of entertainment with all teahouses around and demonstrations of Circus or Theatre groups coming from different parts of the region.

Chorsu used to be the place where caravans of the Silk Road stopped and during different periods it had been called with different names like: Bolshoy (Big) Bazaar, Eski Juva, Registan etc.

In the Middle Ages every city of Central Asia had a central bazaar called Chorsu. The word Chorsu means “Four roads or Crossroads” which means that it was a bazaar in the heart of every Central Asian city.

The travelers of 18-19th centuries have written that the bazaar was big an there were more than 4000 small shops in its territory. The American explorer Y. Skayler had written that he was so much impressed by this bazaar of Tashkent. He writes that the busiest day of the bazaar is Wednesday and on this day sellers came from different parts of the city. According to him the different products have never been mixed up and the sellers have chosen places to sell following the category of their products.

Apart from Chorsu visitors of Tashkent can visit the Alay Bazaar. The Alay bazaar – Alayskiy is situated not far between the TV Tower and the place of Amir Temur. The bazaar has in 2014 and now it has all beautiful elements of Oriental Bazaars: mountains of souvenirs, fruits and dry fruits; wooden columns and ceramic tiles decorating the stands …

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